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> An accurate portrayal of my own theories concerning
> Metsyla. Though I regard it as important to the Kralori that the
> Metsylans _are_ able to do something. They just don't.

Yes! I can just imagine a Metsyla follower sitting on the side of the road thinking about how wonderful it is that they are free to do whatever they want, that they are no more biased to get up than to just sit here and wait, etc. But everytime they think of doing something they don't so they can be sure they weren't letting left over prejudices from before enlightenment guide their actions. Crippled by freedom.
> Yes. Tens of thousands of them.
> Examples: the illuminated Mistress Race troll, from the
> Dorastor Pack. Also the (illuminated) Monster Army that issued forth
> from Ralios to battle the Seshnegi included some of uz. It had
> dragonewts, too, plus elves, dwarfs, and Telmori. Not to mention
> many hsunchen. For most of the Seshnegi, this was the first time
> they'd ever seen these creatures, hence the "Monster Army", which in
> later retellings has become a swarming horde of chaos deformities,
> one of the reasons that Gbaji's name is viewed with such horror in
> the West.

I don't know how I forgot about the Mistress Race troll from Dorastor, no doubt I stumbled across some Arkat wards in the text, "This is not the Illuminate you're looking for." I think the fact that Dragonnewts can be illuminated is quite interesting, though the dragonnewts of Ralios are barbarians cut off from Dragon Pass. Perhaps illumination for the Elder races removes deals more with their ancient hatreds for each other than it does with hatred of chaos? Hmm, I wonder if that implies that the Elder Races who are getting along so well in Jurestela are illuminated?
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