The Daily Bread, an excerpt from the Memories of Theodoric Garhound.

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Date: Thu 18 May 1995 - 22:08:31 EEST

   Of the few things I didn't find bad about the Lunars was the food. You see, before the Death Line revived up north and we turned back towards the Sea, there wasn't that much trade going through the farm villages, and very little from other lands. So we grew up on the same food that our fathers had known, and never thought of anything else.

   Now, I never got to like that "wine" stuff, no matter how many times Dirkar pushed it onto me, but he never got to like beer, so I guess we were even. But the bread the Yelmites brought with them wasn't bad. You know that we've got three basic kinds of bread around here. We've got the big loaves that are kissed by Air spirits before they get cooked. We've also got the Air bread, which is shaped like the old Rune and has more air than dough in it. Now, my favorite has got to be the River Bread. It's not made much these days, which is a shame. The River Folk taught us how to make it, or so I was told. Anyway, since they're so watery, this River bread was BOILED after the Air spirits had done their work.

   Yes, boiled, don't look at me like that. Then it was baked. Sometimes you'd drop seeds or chopped onions all over it before you baked it. I know it doesn't make sense to bake something after boiling it, but that was why we always made it in the shape of a Fire Rune, so the baking would work. I miss that bread...

   But anyway, I was talking about the Sun bread that Dirkar's slaves made. It was kind of strange. You know the problem that Solars have with good Air gods. So they don't let Air spirits near their bread, they just mix up the flour with water and salt and bake it. Well, the first time I saw it I figured it would be like chewing on a handful of grass, but you need to know HOW they eat that bread to understand why I came to like it.

   You see, they use their flat bread like a kind of edible plate. They put a bunch of stuff in the middle, roll it up, and eat the whole thing. I warn you, though, that stuff they use will hot up your mouth like nobody's business. Dirkar had a laugh the first time I ate anything with his sun fruits in it, but I got to like the darn things.

   All this talk of bread makes me hungry. Let's go see what if we can swipe something from the kitchen before my granddaughter chases us out...

"If the beat goes on
 When the song is done,
 Harmony finds her way."

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