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Ville Kaikkonen asked

>Currencies. Clacks, wheels, lunars and bolgs

Methe the Traveller (Issaries worshipper from East Ralios) says:

"In Safelster, people use silver trade tokens called danars. Those from Tara are noteworthy. They all show the queen on one side, but no two are alike on the opposite side. They show such things as winged horses, flaming trees, couples making love, warriors smiting dragons, dragons devouring armies, children playing, and any number of other designs. A young, healthy cow is worth over a hundred of these small silver pieces."

I assume (for game convenience) that there's a silver coin in Safelster, whose value is 1L. In East Ralios, coins wouldn't be used, since they use barter (and obligations).

Presumably in the Second Age the Issaries cult spread a standard weight for coinage, and foreign coins are usually accepted (though they'd probably be weighed).

I suspect that in Safelster, the city-states reserve for themselves the right to mint silver, but allow merchants to make copper coins. I'm no Lunar Empire expert, but I suspect you'd find something similar.

>describe the role of XU in troll societies

Methe the Traveller says:

"In the Mokevogi clan, the women worship the troll goddess Xiola Umbar, who eases their childbirth."

The Mokevogi clan say they worship the darkness spirit Soothing Touch, and any resemblance to Xiola Umbar is purely coincidental. They would never admit to worshipping a troll deity.

But you asked about XU in troll societies. I believe XU is most important in Halikiv (Charmilla Softspeak, daughter of XU, rediscovered Halikiv and sat on the Council). However, Charmilla's time was long ago. I think it's rare that XU has much direct influence in the world, especially after the Trollkin Curse. However, it's quite possible that XU are the trolls that human PCs have the most interaction with -- in my Pavis campaign, one the characters had to be healed by one. This wasn't purely out of mercy (as might be with Chalana Arroy), but because the humans had just defeated some horrible chaos monsters, and the trolls were thanking them.

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