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Date: Fri 19 May 1995 - 02:22:00 EEST

Ville Kaikkonen:

>But what are these wheels? Who uses them and
>how much? Any other uses for money in Glorantha than trade (religious?)?
>Does anyone out there have some kind of currency rates? Again, I remember
>reading from somewhere that bolgs are about one tenth of a lunar, but
>correct me please, if I am wrong.

Wheels as far as I can tell appear to have been invented in the city of Elempur during the reign of Emperor Anaxial (well before the Great Darkness for those who don't have GRAY) to handle trade between Dara Happa and the Gold Wheel Dancers. The Rune for Elempur turns out to be the rune for Lokarnos (Yuthuppan Priestly Alphabet) and Lokarnos has the spell of making coins out of raw gold. The actual spell could have been part of a Gold Wheel Dancer fertility rite (ie making little wheels). Eric and Shannon may know more about this.   

But since the invention of gold coinage was such a long time ago, it has spread into the west and from there into all parts of the world. This is true for Central Genertela, Kralorela, Brithos and Fonrit may have had (and probably say they do have IMO) independant origins for their coinage.

Bolgs have a complicated exchange rate. In Troll hands, they are roughly worth a lunar. However if a hoomans is paying, the prices go up 10 fold so they appear to be worth a tenth as much.

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