more on trolls

From: Andrew Joelson (
Date: Fri 19 May 1995 - 15:10:36 EEST


        There are several large concentrations of trolls living in the Lunar Empire, so Illuminated Uz is something that I would take for granted. How many is questionable, but I suspect that the trollish 'hotbed' of Illumination is the Blue Moon Plateau. I can hardly imagaine Bina Bang _not_ being Illuminated.


        If I remember my Trollpack right, minting bolgs was an exclusive right of the priests(esses) of Argan Argar. Not all bothered, and the stamping was variable; it was the weight that counted. Also, a troll could chew up a bolg and make it into a sling-stone, doing 1 pt of damage. By chewing as many as eight bolgs together, a 1d8 stone was produced!


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