Coinage and the River Valley

From: Jubilation T. Cornpone (
Date: Fri 19 May 1995 - 15:21:47 EEST

In Pavis, they take coins, but weigh out more than five, to make sure that enough metal is to be had. "Shave one, shave 'em all." is a Pavis saying. It refers to the fact that a merchant will demand that the missing metal from theoretical weight be made up. So if you've got one coin that has been clipped, you'll have to clip another to make up the difference at some time or another.

Pavis also has a currency called the "Blue", which is a piece of jade worth 100 Lunars. It's produced by the Pavis cult, who use a Divine magic spell to convert raw jade into the unique bars, which are intricately decorated with EWF-vintage designs. These are redeemed at full value in Pavis, and at a lower value in Suntown in Pavis. In Sun County, you've got to be in the Count's town to get anything from them, and you get even less for a bar (as low as 75 Lunars value if they don't like your face). Blues are not accepted anywhere else as currency, unless you are very well known and trusted--and even then, it's only along the Zola Fel valley. It is rumored that Etyries merchants are attempting to hoard Blues, which they sell as expensive art objects back in the Empire. The enchantment that makes a Blue from raw jade also makes it quite brittle, so attempts at shaving it tend to make it shatter. Unfortunately, this also means that Blues don't travel well. If the rightful owner of broken Blues is willing to pay for a Divination at the Pavis temple to establish his ownership, the Blues will be repaired free of charge. Warning: This repair will not work if insufficient jade remains to make an entire Blue.

Why are they called "Blue" when jade is green? Nobody knows.

In general, coin is not accepted outside the "trade tripod" of Pavis, Sun Dome, and Corflu. The only exception to this is if the person offering coin is already very well known and trusted. Local headmen are more likely to take coin than are anybody else.

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