New Zorak Zoran spell

From: Jubilation T. Cornpone (
Date: Fri 19 May 1995 - 15:37:02 EEST

An expedition of Goldenbow initiates against a Zorak Zoran shrine in Bullford has revealed the presence of a frightening new Zorak Zoran magic.

The origin of this spell is not known, but its effects were felt when the leader of the expedition, Dirkar Sunspear, fell victim to it.

Last Blow
2 points
self, duration special, nonstackable, nonreusable This spell permits a Zorak Zorani to fight on after death against his enemies. However, the nature of the spell generally means that it is only used _in extremis_. Casting the spell takes a full round, during which the caster can only parry and not attack. If the caster is killed before the spell is finished, it doesn't take effect. If the spell is successfully cast, the caster must be killed by a Zorak Zorani for the spell to take effect.
If this condition is met, then the spirit of the slain Zorak Zorani rises up from his slain body ten minutes after his death. This spirit is basically a ghost and is bound to the spot where he died. He will be filled by an overwhelming desire to attack any non-Zorak Zorani in the area.

This spell can be devastating after a battle, since the ghosts generally appear when their foes are still recovering from the fight.

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