New krarshtkid on the Block

Date: Fri 19 May 1995 - 20:26:29 EEST

I've been GMing a rather daring Prax-Sartar RQ campaign in the Madison,WI area for three years real time now (it's 1632 in Free Pavis; I've given up on waiting for the Hero Wars to come to me) and have finally motivated myself to extend my tendrils to reach other RQers out there and perhaps take part in the stimulating discussions occurring in cyberglorantha. I'd love to communicate (virtually or otherwise) with fellow RQ fanatics as I think I've finally achieved a level of maturity, detail, and innovation with my campaign that I can share it with others without overwhelming fear of dismissal. Feel free to contact me for further prattle about my version of the Hero Wars. Anyway, that's my intro and by the serpents of Baroshi, just a beginning.

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