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Date: Fri 19 May 1995 - 13:57:18 EEST


  Responding to Nick Brooke's subject....

  For Orlanthi moneys in Fronela I used this scheme:

Silver coinage:

farthing ~ 1 RQ3 penny
ha'penny = 2 farthings
penny = 4 farthings
shilling= 12 pence
pound = 20 shillings

copper (minted by Earth temples) ~ 1/5 penny (but larger) other copper coins evaluated by weight

Wheel --> nominally 20 pence, actually 21 in trade due to value shifts Mark = 4 wheels
- ----

  OK. This was the traditional system in Oranor and Junora. And in old Loskalm. But Reformed Loskalm instituted a decimal money system during the Ban, based on 1000 new pence to the pound sterling (a silver alloy). Thus a new penny was approximately the same as a farthing but actually about 4% less. Oh, and the pounds were based on the same weight unit (the "ENC") but of different alloys...

  What this all meant in the game was that whenever you got your money changed, the changers could skim 4 or 5% unless you were influential and alert...

 I also liked the feel of two competing money systems. And it gave us another area for Loskalmi cultural imperialism.

  Other moneys used in our campaigns:
  Minted in honor of various individuals, usually Emperors. Collect them all! They will only increase in value!!

Yelornan Stars
  An ancient coin worth 1000+ Lunars, enchanted silver set with a diamond. Higher value to collectors and Yelorna cultists. One was given as a navel ornament for the main statue at a new Uleria temple by a LUnar merchant who'd been offended by the Yelornans.

Mostali 'Money'
  Cubes of pure metal, sometimes with protrusions on one side and matching sockets on the other so you could build things out of them. Or plain cubes. Not really 'money' to the Mostali but used as a common trade item.

Carmanian Banker's Chits
  Originally developed from gambling credit markers, chits are redeemable at Carmanian banks (and their branches) with reasonable proof of identity. Bearer chits are also possible. A sensible way to carry money, but only good within the Lunar Empire and its subject states. Most useful in Carmania.

  There were more, but those are the most interesting I can think of at the moment.

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