Re: More on money

From: Paul Reilly (
Date: Fri 19 May 1995 - 14:06:45 EEST

Paul replying to some specific Nick ideas:

>It seems likely that Esrolia, if it uses coins, would use heavy square copper
>ones worth a coupla clacks apiece (perhaps with holes in the middle to string
>them together?).

  Yes, that's the temple coinage. Coins with holes like that probably originated in Kralorela long ago, if it follows our Earth pattern.

>I'd propose "Sickles" as a Lunar name for copper coinage: sounds like shekels,


>Anyway: when in doubt, just reckon by sheep and cows. You can see what you're
>dealing with, then.

  Yes. And they carry themselves. Although they wander off and you don't know where they've gone to. But so do dollars and pounds, in my experience...

ps. I left out the 'dime' which a LARGE giant gave one of our PCs who helped return her child. It was about the size of a dinner plate and difficult to spend...

pps. I find the value per metal weight given in the official rules quite low, especially for gold and silver. I know it's a different world and all, but three kilograms of silver for a cow? Doesn't fit my ancient-to-medieval paradigm.

  1 ENC of gold coins = 60 wheels = 1200 lunars = slave of moderate value...   

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