Re: Yet more on moneys

From: Paul Reilly (
Date: Fri 19 May 1995 - 14:13:54 EEST

  Oh, there are bronze and tin coins as well. Issued by Issaries cult, more often than not.

  Bezainted jackets, are, in my campaign, used as armor by certain devout merchants who wish to show of their status and devotion. Issaries use tin or bronze for this purpose. Etyries use silver (often enchanted). Argan Argari use bolgs (again, usually enchanted for Rune levels). And a few Lokarnos merchants have been goaded by their fellow merchants into sporting Wheel-bearing jackets (all Wheels are supposed to be enchanted gold anyway).

  This practice comes and goes in fads and it's not certain who originated it, maybe Etyries.

  Usual armor rules for non-bronze apply (Elder Secrets).

  There should be an island (East Isles?) with coins that are huge, difficult to move stone rings.

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