Re: Soldiers of the Red Moon

From: Kevin Rose (
Date: Sun 21 May 1995 - 23:29:58 EEST

I wouldn't hold my breath. AH's recent (last 2 years or so) actual release dates have had almost no relationship to their promo material. A distributor I know was showing me the AH literature that said that 5 different items (RQ and board games) would be in stores at that time. However AH had not yet accepted orders for them, which was typically 30 days prior to shipment. (Actually, it used to be 30 days. Now it's sometimes several months.) As an example of AH promptness, when was "Lords of Terror" going to be released according to the AH literature last sping? July, wasn't it? When did it ship?

He had become convinced that AH only hired people who had had excessive exposure to lead and other heavy metals as children. Probably gives Monarch a bigger tax write-off.

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