Coppers?! Give 'em to the trollkin!

From: Soren Petersen (
Date: Mon 22 May 1995 - 12:01:34 EEST

All this talk about coins reminds me of the time my PCs were in The Dead Place. Tracking a gang of bandits to the Winter Ruins, the party finally caught up with them. After a very bloody battle (without spells), all the thugs were dead and the PCs decided to sniff around for further treasures. The (rather greedy) Orlanthi found a well-hidden pile of old silver coins and scooped them up. He also found a small bag of ancient copper coins. After glancing into the bag, he sneered and threw it to the miserable trollkin, which the party had picked up previously.

Returning to Pavis, the party went to the market to spend their reward money. The trollkin, mightily proud of his newfound wealth (30+ coppers), spotted a Issaries merchant selling jewelry. Standing on toes, he pointed to a small piece of amber and handed the bag to the merchant. The merchant grinned at this sight, but opened the bag and gasped. Turns out all the coppers were rare and very valuable coins from the time of The Empire of the Wyrms Friends...

The Orlanthi nearly fainted, but he was honourbound to let the trollkin keep the money (shortly after, he marched to the Lhankor Mhy temple and enrolled in their Numismatics class). The trollkin got a huge piece of amber to wear around his neck and donated the rest of the money to the Kyger Litor temple.

After that incident, *every* coin the PCs found was subject to intense scrutiny.


Soren Petersen

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