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Date: Mon 22 May 1995 - 14:45:17 EEST

Lots of interesting data on the various coinage of Glorantha has surfaced. Here's a little piece about some East Isles money.

The most widespread money in the Isles is that of Haragala, which is not surprising considering the Haragalan trading empire. Lower denominations are made of mother-of-pearl, cut into various shapes and/or carved with various designs. Different families have different designs, often based on the name of their flagship. Higher denominations come in the form of pearls, the bigger and more unusual variety, the higher the value. This monetary system is very confusing to outsiders, but for those used to it, it's a quick process to determine the approximate value of a pearl (not that there aren't discussions).

In the Korolan Isles, a rather insignificant group of islands in the south of the archipelago, small azure shells are used as money. They are specially imported from teh Coral Queendom for taht express purpose. Recently there have been signs of inflation since enterprising individuals have realized that they can go and find shells for themselves, without the sanction of the kings or the senate.

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