Humakti geas

From: David Cake (
Date: Tue 23 May 1995 - 11:24:32 EEST

        I have a PC who is a Sword of Humakt. He is a little geas mad at the moment, and he wants to take the geas 'double tithing each holy day' (which gives a +1 to a raisable characteristic) multiple times. The problem is that I do not really know what double tithing means when you are a Sword, and thus already giving 90% of your time and 90% of your income. Do you put yourself deeper in debt with each holy day? or does it only apply to MP sacrifice (in which case it is pretty light as penalties go).

        Suggestions? Both he and are would like an answer, as I am not going to let him take it until I come up with a sufficiently arduous interpretation.



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