Currency and raw material

Date: Tue 23 May 1995 - 18:48:21 EEST

A few quick notes on money, which make the lozenge float.

In my short-lived Kralori/Bliss in Ignorance game, I referred to the standard silver coin as an "Eye," as in Eye of the Emperor.

His eyes were everywhere, and his attention always brought profit to the deserving....
It was pretty spooky to come across a coin from a previous reign, of course.

Gold coins from Fronela, especially those parts once part of the Jrusteli Empire, are referred to as Crowns in my game. The Jrusteli coinage had a flaming sword & crown on the reverse, plus whatever king on the obverse.

On Wheels--

Me, I play Wheels as TINY little things, more like US $1 gold pieces from the 1880's. Gold is supposed to be really rare.

To use a perilous earth comparison, I believe I read somewhere that all the gold in the world would make a cube approximately the size of the bottom 10-15 feet of the Washington Monument. Foreign non-tourist readers, you'll just have to cope and try to imagine that this isn't really all that big for all of something that exists.

And I still think the idea that the value of a coin of X grams = 2X the same raw metal is the dumbest rules-ish thing ever written in offical Runequest. Lokarnos rules the world under THAT rule. And the Pavis Royal Mint becomes much more than just a curiosity.

100% profit, anyone?

Mike Dawson

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