WWW archives update (located in Australia)

From: Robert McArthur (mcarthur@fit.qut.edu.au)
Date: Wed 24 May 1995 - 12:19:58 EEST

The World Wide Web archives at


are on steroids. The following is new:

  o all messages over Andrew Bean's, the RQ Digest, and the Glorantha Digest     are now at this site (about 33MB! - I'm thinking of a CD ;-)

  o a powerful (though complex) search engine can search through all of these     messages (and more)

and the peace-duh-resistonce (hey, I'm a StormBull)

  o I am currently converting what I consider good/useful/fun messages into     HTML for viewing on the Web. The output from the browsers (Netscape and     Mosaic) onto a laser printer is excellent (not as good as Tales but...)

    I would appreciate any comments about these. Authors, if you want your     item (in its transformed state) removed from the archive let me know!

Here is a list of the items currently converted (and aren't they pretty when printed!):

              Sorcerers and Priests 
              The Vizier speaks: wisdom of the Carmanian Magi 
              Carmanian Glossary 
              What the Fazzik told me: a personal view of Carmanian culture 
              A review of Lords of Terror 
              Donadar: God of minstrels and storytellers 
              Folk sorcery 
              Example of pre-manipulated sorcery spells 
                    the Sick Cherry Tree and What Happened to the False Dragon Ring 
                    the Snow Monkeys 
                    The Wise Desman 
              A Moonpost story 
              Poetic propaganda from the grantlands of Prax 
              A Pamaltelan encounter 
              A note on the Kralorelan approach to the Gods 
              A brief on a Kralorelan army unit 
       News from Dragon Pass 
              Number 2 
              Doraddi tale of Trickster and Hoolar 
              A legend of trickster (1990). 
              Tokoloshes: A pamaltelan spirit 
              More Eurmali thoughts including bits from the Lore auction 
              A detailed look at the flora and fauna at Far Point 
              Greg Fried's scenario Atek's Ghost. (1992, soon to be updated) 
              The Nameless Earth Spirit: a mini-scenario idea for Prax 
       Second Council reports 
              Kwaratch Kang 
              Arstor, High King of Brolia 
       News on the Arrolian Confederacy and Church 
       Notes from the Grazelands 
       Some uses for elementals 
       Who were the Gold Wheel Dancers? 
       Phoenixes and Spectres 
       Types of fighting in Sartar and Prax 
       A pretty version of Steve Maurer's HeroQuest rules 
       An Earthly equivalent of Wergeld 
       A view of the city of Whitewall 
       the index of Glorantha by Stephen Martin (1994).

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For those who read this far, please let me know whether you want me to regularly (ie. once or fortnight or so) send a list of additions to the archive to this mailing list. It would seem logical so you can decide whether to revisit the archive or not.

Let me know please! Is this useful? It's certainly bl**dy hard work.

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