Tithing Humakti

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Date: Wed 24 May 1995 - 15:00:07 EEST

David Cake has problems with a Humakti who wants to buy characteristic points from his god. I have two comments: 1)
You don't negotiate with god unless you're a superhero (to use a thoroughly discredited, game-mechanicky term). Especially if the god in question is a vicious b*****d like Humakt. 2)
Let's think about this from the point of view of the character rather than the player. He has no referee with whom to discuss the matter- although I suppose be can quiz his seniors on matters of theology and the previously revealed geasa and gifts. He is basically stuck with completing the rituals needed to "apply for" the gift and accepting the geas his god feels is appropriate. In the case of Humakt this would presumably involve some kind of minor, hnourable severing ritual - cutting off a knot of hair? Thus our man, wanting to improve his strength for a coming mission into the jaws of danger goes alone into the forest to the place where Bjorn Stronginthearm, legendary local war-leader, crushed three Broos to death with his bare hands. There, stripped to the waist he fasts, prays to Humakt and endlessly practices his sword strokes to the tune of whichever  Clannad track the producers have arranged to sell the soundtrack album. Finally, trance-like as a dramatic sunset falls behind him, he takes out a small, razor-sharp knife, and severs one plait of his beard.
Next morning he awakes refreshed and stronger but having dreamt that Humakt came to him and ordered him never to wear any jewellery or decorated armour on his arms or hands and that he should donate his gold rings and jewelled arm-torcs to the temple....
I would say the geas list in any of
the cult write-ups is merely an expression of those most commonly given in the past. As such almost by definition it is a list of "Initiate geasa". The much rarer occaisions of Rune-types asking for such attention (there being far fewer of them) would presumably produce a different list with different gift-geas pairs.
Richard Crawley

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