From: crhutchi@facstaff.wisc.edu
Date: Thu 25 May 1995 - 19:16:01 EEST

Following recent discussion (#280) on Argan Argar, Darkwalk, etc. I thought I'd present my expanded description of Darkwalk and see what you Uz out there think. The official description leaves ALOT of room for interpretation (forgive me if this has already been debated to death - I'm new around here). First and foremost, being a 1-point spell, its use should be carefully monitored for game balance purposes (my Orlanthi PCs LOVE the spell, but have found its limitations). Certainly it grants, as described, total invisibility and inaudibility in darkness and shadow (to those in 100m). The combat uses should be obvious - but a Light spell or even nearby torchlight will ruin it. Also perhaps the user's voice cannot be heard - even by friends (so if you're Darkwalking and in trouble, you're really screwed). The soundless nature of the concealment obscures the user from Darksense - this is a debatable ruling, but makes some sense - perhaps this allows Argan Argar cultists to sneak around Uzdom a bit more?? This might instill some paranoia even among fellow cultists - you'll never know if someone's watching you. However, much to the disappointment of trolls, it does not bypass such senses as Elfsense, Earthsense, and certainly not Second Sight or detection magics. Darkwalkers can be tracked, smelled, and felt. Basically, the magic is most useful (especially combined with Create Shadow) among the two main focuses of the cult (and other possessors of Darkwalk - e.g. Orlanth's Sandals) - trolls and humans, and doesn't help relations among any of them at all.

                                                JR Hutchinson


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