Humakt and the Hole in your pocket...

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Date: Fri 26 May 1995 - 03:42:28 EEST

David Cake:

David Cake posted an interesting question about the Humakti Runelord who has to pay a doubled tithe for raising a non-raisable chracteristic. Does he pay 90% or raid his swiss bank account to pay the Temple of Humakt the Extortioner 180%?

It seems that Geases and Humakt go back a long way. Humakt was originally Humath of Ralios and Ralios is known for being a hotbed of gaining magic powers through Geases. At the Dawn, tho, what use would a Humathi have for money? Cows are out as a substitute for the geases as it would require widespread cattle-raiding for the Humathi clans.

I propose the Geas originally dealt with giving blood in return for the gift. For one point of non-raisable characteristic, he gives 1 pt of blood (general HP) in a bloodletting ceremony. For 2 pts he gives 2, for three, he gives 4 and so on. This would only be payable by Swords who have the gift as the lesser ranks can chicken out by paying the temple the required amount of bloodmoney. Details as to how the Humakti Sword sheds the blood is left as an excercise for fertile imaginations.

Hope this helps.

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