Paper Money

From: J.S. Wright (
Date: Fri 26 May 1995 - 18:32:03 EEST

David Cake writes...

> I just read an excellent excerpt from the travels of Marco Polo,
>where he talks about the Chinese Emperor making paper money (stamped with
>an official seal, penalty for counterfeiting extremely painful death).
>Marco is quite amazed at the idea - imagine, people give the Emperor really
>valuable things, and he just gives them back little bits of paper, amazing,
>he must be so rich! He certainly perceives its value, but is rather
>confused about why it works.
> Cheers
> David an earlier case, when the populace didn't seem to like the paper money, the imperial treasury decided the best thing to do was soak the bills in perfume so they would be more attractive to the users.

Clothspin [clothspeg] on nose, I'm off the vaults to pay my 180% tithe, hey, with paper money its possible!


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