From: David Dunham (
Date: Fri 26 May 1995 - 19:46:10 EEST

Peter Metcalfe wrote

>It seems that Geases and Humakt go back a long way. Humakt was originally
>Humath of Ralios and Ralios is known for being a hotbed of gaining magic
>powers through Geases. At the Dawn, tho, what use would a Humathi have for
>money? Cows are out as a substitute for the geases as it would require
>widespread cattle-raiding for the Humathi clans.

Yeah, so? There probably _was_ widespread cattle-raiding.

I think far more likely is that the original Humathi geases are quite different from the ones known today. We're talking 1500 years.

I now believe geases originated with the hsunchen peoples of Ralios. When the Vustrians turned from their Galanini ancestry, they must have kept at least the concept of geases (though they probably adopted a whole new set). Their new storm god would have had his own. And when Humath spread to Dragon Pass, the geases went with him.

When the Ralian Orlanthi became more sophisticated, they adopted more sophisticated geases -- the Lankoring seers determine different geases for each individual, in addition to any tribal, clan, or religious geases.

Over time, the geases have been dying out among the Orlanthi (they're a damned nuisance), and only really remain in the East Wilds (and with Humath). The hsunchen must still have them.

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