Re: Humakti Geasae/Geases/Geasi

Date: Fri 26 May 1995 - 22:17:29 EEST

David Dunham sayeth:
> Hmm, why should it be minor? The Death rune is the opposite of the
> Fertility rune. What better thing to sever than the generative organ to
> prove your connections with Death?
> Or aren't Humakti as brave as the Red Emperor who fathered Yara Aranis?

Well, besides making me wince, I don't think it would be necessary to go that far. After all truth is one of Humakt's runes also. Shouldn't it suffice for a Humakti to take an Geas never to father/mother a child?

Anyway, what about female Humakti?

Peter Metcalfe sayeth:
> I propose the Geas originally dealt with giving blood in return for the
> gift. For one point of non-raisable characteristic, he gives 1 pt of blood
> (general HP) in a bloodletting ceremony. For 2 pts he gives 2, for three,
> he gives 4 and so on. This would only be payable by Swords who have the
> gift as the lesser ranks can chicken out by paying the temple the required
> amount of bloodmoney. Details as to how the Humakti Sword sheds the blood
> is left as an excercise for fertile imaginations.

Would make the day AFTER Humakt's HHD a really good day to attack Humakti troops.

Also, other tithes go somewhere. (MPs to Humakt, money to heirarchy, etc..) Where does the the blood go?

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