_Braveheart_ is a must-see

From: David Cheng (drcheng@stern.nyu.edu)
Date: Sat 27 May 1995 - 06:34:46 EEST

I just got back from seeing Mel Gibson's _Braveheart_. While the title is a bit tacky, the movie is excellent. The combat/mass battle scenes are especially exciting. I love it when a movie makes me want to go and play a game. In this case, I've got this impulse to have a big Sartarites vs Lunars minis battle.

That last line is why I'm posting my impromptu review here on the Glorantha Digest; the movie is _very_ evocative of our favorite cultural conflict. The Scots are a bunch of squabbling, unwashed and poorly armed clans living up in the hills. The English have forts, military discipline, cavalry superiority, and far better equipment. Their tabards are even red (well, maybe it's a bit more orange, but allow me a little artistic license to make my point . . . ;-)! Mel (the *hero*) and his close companions even paint themselves with blue woad for big battles.

At about 2 hrs 45 min, you really get a good deal for your dollar. This is definitely one worth buying to keep, once it gets released.

Go see this movie! I practically guarantee you won't be disappointed.


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