Braveheart sure ain't anything like the truth

From: Roderick Robertson (
Date: Sun 28 May 1995 - 04:11:00 EEST

> David Cheng writes:

>I just got back from seeing Mel Gibson's _Braveheart_. While the title is
>a bit tacky, the movie is excellent. The combat/mass battle scenes are
>especially exciting. I love it when a movie makes me want to go and play a
>game. In this case, I've got this impulse to have a big Sartarites vs
>Lunars minis battle.

Just don't think that this movie had anything to do with William Wallace!

They got the names right, and some events, but man! the inaccuracies were too many to mention.

  The scene of the young Mara picking a thistle and handing it to the young William were too ludicrous for words. There is a reason that the Scottish symbol is the Thistle and the motto is (translated) "No-one touches me with impunity".

   The battle scenes, while... err, graphic, had nothing to do with the battles of Stirling (there was this bridge see, and the English had to cross it in column of twos...), Falkirk (yep, sure oil burns like that when hit by fire arrows, yep, uh huh), or Bannockburn (where the Scots stood still for most of the day).

>Go see this movie! I practically guarantee you won't be disappointed.

   Good thing you didn't actually guarantee it, my wife and I were in shock at the movie's inaccuracies (especially since we just got back from a month in England and Scotland).

   I did like the part where Patrick McGoohan as Edward I "dealt with" Philip though. However, I was disappointed that they didn't give him a line about Prisoner(s) (something that most of his movies have had, normally along the lines of "Take no prisoners"). (For those that don't know it, McGoohan was in a show called _The_Prisoner_, a surrealistic mid-sixties TV show which ran for a total of thirteen episodes)

Roderick Robertson

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