Men-and-a-half vs. Doraddi

From: crhutchinson (
Date: Sun 28 May 1995 - 17:40:56 EEST

       In response to last issue's question on Agimori, the way I understand it is that the Praxian versions are closer to Lodril, being of a special population that left Pamaltela in the pre-dawn and settled in Prax
(and Pithdaros?). Perhaps a group still exists on Pamaltela, but by far the
dominant type (on the southern plains) is the Doraddi, who are physically
(stat-wise) identical to Warerans et al, and are the children of Pamalt
rather than Lodril. I had a Praxian Agimori PC in my campaign who ventured to Pamaltela (cf. TOTRM #11's Veldt Trek) and was shocked to see how puny and physically inferior his brethren were there, but eventually came to respect them greatly (and much to his surprise even briefly considered being unfaithful to his far-off wife). The major difference culturally between the two peoples seems to be that the Praxians are MUCH more warlike, whereas the Doraddi are more diverse in their talents. The rising Arbennan Confederation appears to have much in common with the Praxians. Anyway, lacking more published info that's how I see it.

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