Pavis Old Mint and Giants too

Date: Tue 30 May 1995 - 22:43:14 EEST

        Following ongoing discussion of currency, I am wondering what the deal with the Pavis Mint is - what does it look like? History? I'm one of those unfortunates with effectively no RQ2 material, so any help would be appreciated, especially as I'm trying to write a scenario featuring it for my campaign. All I am aware of is that it was taken from a cradle in the Second Age, it makes coins, and bandits dig it.

         And now that I think about it, what is up with giants? They seem quite important in Gloranthan history, but little is written (at least in the RQ3 material I have) about their culture (which obviously was once more advanced), relations with other races, origins etc. except that they're big, mean, and crude. I think they deserve more than a D&D treatment. Ideas? Available sources for more info? Help!

                                        JR Hutchinson


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