Date: Thu 01 Jun 1995 - 12:46:47 EEST

JR Hutchinson says :

> And now that I think about it, what is up with giants? They seem
>quite important in Gloranthan history, but little is written (at least in
>the RQ3 material I have) about their culture (which obviously was once more
>advanced), relations with other races, origins etc. except that they're
>big, mean, and crude. I think they deserve more than a D&D treatment.
>Ideas? Available sources for more info? Help!

Well, my brother's campaign includes a 4m giant PC called Shortie.

Seriously - The real thing seem to be ona par with Dragons when it comes to serious magic. In fact, the Giants and the Dragons warred across the universe before most of the gods were born. The giant stats in the RQ rules are to these giants what dream dragons are to the real thing. ie they are "walking lumps of heroplane" as a friend once said.

Simon Hibbs

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