Hearts of Humakti

From: David Cake (davidc@cs.uwa.edu.au)
Date: Thu 01 Jun 1995 - 12:57:38 EEST

        I have just been reading the excellent stuff from an old RQ Digest about Humakti Hearts (the Heart of Joy, the Heart of Mercy, etc.), some of which are dedicated to Humakt, some are protected, some are sacrificed, some can be sacrificed in return for some benefit. The author was Peter Michaels?

        Does anybody use this in their game, does anybody have any rules suggestions for it (particularly if you use personality traits) and does anybody have any particular opinions opinions for or against it?

        I rather like the idea, to flesh out the Humakt cult. It also gives my PC a little pause for thought - he likes to think of himself as a real Humakt fanatic, but when he sees what really being a Humakt fanatic is like, I think he might change his mind (i.e. a Praxian fanatic is without mercy, or forgiveness).




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