Mutilations of body and soul

Date: Fri 02 Jun 1995 - 19:39:03 EEST

Hi all!

Careful with that ax Eugene:
Since the subject of circumcision was brought up, does anyone think this practice is followed anywhere in Glorantha? What about other forms of genital mutilation, such as subincision, castration, or dismemberment? What about (to include women) defloration, incision, excision, clitoridectomy, or infibulation?

Now, I know it's not a pleasant topic to think about, especially from our Western viewpoint. But, Glorantha is not necessarily a pleasant place. Broos are rapists. Ogres are cannibals. And, these practices may be considered as chaotic as, say, tapping. Or not. Maybe circumcision is a Pentan custom. Or maybe it's a Malkioni thing. Perhaps subincision is
(for Pamaltelan men) part of the Left Hand Path. Maybe clitoridectomies
were an ancient Dara Happan practice which the Lunars have managed to put a stop to. I don't know. I'd like to hear what you think.

David Cake asks about the Hearts of Humakt: Yup. 'Twas me who posted that. And I have not yet heard of or come up with a rules system for it. Perhaps it's just best to role play it? I don't

know. It'll be interesting to see what replies you get, it any.

The only real change I've made (that I can think of right now) is that I now think the Hearts I identified as Graciousness, Honor, and Bravery, are really only one Heart with different cultural/social manifestations. Call it

the Heart of Honor, and that to be honorable means different things in different cultures. This got me thinking that maybe what varies is also the Code of Humakt.

Something like: ( This is for example only. I'm not necessarily convinced these are "right.")


     Pledge: Life
     Sacrifice: Innocence, Joy
     Protect: Honor, Justice
     No Clear Cult Position: Charity, Compassion, Mercy
  1. always fight fairly (use only Humakti magic during combat, excluding Healing, Sever Spirit, and Berserk, except against Undead and Chaos)
  2. always honor the fallen (do not kill once the foe has quit fighting, surrender does not have to be formally given by the foe)
  3. maintain strict truth and confidence with all Humakti
    (always tell the truth to other Humakti, always answer a
    question asked by another Humakti)
  4. duel only to first fallen, not to the death (fallen must surrender a prize)
  5. maintain personal honor

as compared to:

Old Carmania (now extinct)

     Pledge: Life
     Sacrifice: Innocence, Joy (special), Compassion, Mercy, 
     No Clear Cult Position: Honor

  1. fight to win (may use any magic known when in combat, may use a fast-acting poison)
  2. surrender is to be neither given nor received
  3. maintain strict confidence with other Humakti in service to your Lord (always answer a question asked by a temple Sword Brother)
  4. duel until satisfaction is reached (may be to the death)
  5. maintain the Carmanian Empire's honor and the honor of your Lord




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