Morlatap of the Anger & Brolia (fwd)

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From the House Gorukaia Chronicle.

To the south of Carmania lies Brolia, a desolate, hilly land inhabitted by a race of savages who worship obscure gods such as Lanatum, Brola and Wrothela. When Moralatap of the Anger fought his usurper for control of the Satrapy of Worion their archers joined their cousins the Worloni in opposing his righteous anger. He led his army across the Esel into their rugged hills. Their clans were small and disunited before the Satraps wrath and one by one their many clans submitted to him.

Moralatap returned Worion sure in the knowledge that the hill people would n't trouble him again and for some years they did not.

A time of crisis came in Moralataps war against his usurper. His forces were weak and his enemies power waxed. Then the Wrothelingans came down from their mountainy lairs and fought against their conqueror once again. He was furious and sent emissaries with a small force of hazari to their clans to remind them of their obligations to him. Each clan the emissaries visited had to be cajoled and bullied into fulfill their duties to Moralatap. There are countless tiny factions in Brolia so this took a very long time. As soon as the emissaries would turn their back on one clan to subdue another they found that the first would rise up in arms. They thought of taking hostages but the Brolians were so stupid that they had no Fazziks so they could not. In the end the despaired of overcoming the Wrothelingans with their little army.

On hearing this news Moralatap became furious as he could not spare his emissaries anymore troops. Indeed the war was going badly for him as it was. Then the Satraps wisest vizir said "Do not grow angry, there is a way to defeat these treacherous people. You must march into their territory for a day until you come a town which is called in our language Javinu, and in theirs Gervain. Here there is a spring which the Wrothelingans say flows forth from the ground for joy because their god is buried there. They say that their god defeated Daga when Lokaymadon tricked Brola and let Daga out of his bottle. If you capture this place and build a wall about it they can not speak to their god and will be forced to submit to your will."

Moralatap took his army to Javinu. There was nobody there except a few traders looking for locals to buy skins from. The Satrap said "This is ludicrous, I see nothing here." But his vizir insisted and the army went to the spring. When they got there beasts began to emerge from the forest in their dozens. The animals; bears, lions, wolves, bulls, dogs and many others laid into Moralataps force who were hard pressed to fight them off.

Then the Satrap's architects built a tall, thick wall around the spring. The Wrothelingans soon heard of this and came to Javinu to throw the Satrap off their holiest site. However their stone axes and flint spears were no match for our fortifications and sorcery. They in desperation sued for peace so that they could speak to their god again. Moralatap extracted harsh conditions from them to avenge their treachery. He demanded that they fight by his side against the usurper and that each of their men who came there to pray must pay a tribute of five hides for admission to their holy place.

This is why House Gorukaia came to live in Brolia for the Satrap appointed us to collect his tribute.

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