A small query

From: David Cake (davidc@cs.uwa.oz.au)
Date: Sun 04 Jun 1995 - 18:31:18 EEST

        A question only for those with even more extreme gloranthan minutia skill than me (which includes quite a few on this forum).

        I want to know where a particular illustration that I remember but cannot locate can be found - a picture, purportedly a reproduction of some Lunar pottery, featuring someone attacking Glamour, and I think Jajagapa, the Catcher of Souls, the dog headed Lunar psychopomp.

        Can anyone locate the picture for me? I had in mind to produce an artwork along a similar theme, as one of my first experinebts with Photoshop etc. In addition, it is not impossible that my players will sometime in the future find themselves dealing with matters detailed in the Lunar book of the Dead.


                Dave Cake

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