Arlaten & Hrestoli

Date: Sun 04 Jun 1995 - 20:53:42 EEST

Soren asks about about qualifications to be a <wizard/lord> of Hrestoli Idealism.

Yes, these qualifications are correct. That's the whole point of Hrestolism--lords are qualified to rule because they understand all castes by experience, and can identify with them as well.

 "Do Wizards really run around swinging bloody great swords and chopping trolls to bits, "...
In IDEALIST Hrestoli areas, while the wizards are young, you bet.

These are called Grand Knights, and they are highly magical warriors. Once they get too old or injured to continue at the fighting stuff, they specialize in the magic. Think of fighting bishops of the middle ages.

"while Lords mumble arcane gibberish in dusty towers?"

The wizards study to prove themselves holy and knowledgable enough to rule. Keep in mind how often, and in how many gloranthan societies, personal magical and group social power go hand in hand.

Soren also asks how the Rokari magus, Arlaten, might receive a Hrestoli knight.

First off, it really depends on where you are in the story of Arlaten. Has he just gotten to Pavis? What "version" of Arlaten are you using? The sneak thief? The straight ahead wizard? The Evil Twin? Has the duel with the queen of the Afengeng even been hinted at, or has it already occured?

If Arlaten doesn't know of the upcoming need for a champion, or if he no longer needs one, then his reaction may be cool. Otherwise, I daresay he might be willing to overlook doctrinal differences and agree to disagree.

You also have to think about how happy he is with the retainers he has. If his current crop of hirelings are not typical, no-account pagans, he may not need a (doubtless expensive) knight.

The religious differences between Rokarism and Hrestoli Idealisim are deep and wide. Rokari deny that Hrestoli knighthood is "true" knighthood, because each knight (may) not be from the hereditary noble class. Hrestoli believe that Rokari are a bunch of inbred opressors of the lower classe.

But they are much closer to each other than either of them are to your typical Orlanthi or Lunar adventurer.

To get a broader perspective on these, read the Western Soldier version of the "What my father told me" section in Genertela: Crucible of the Hero Wars", players book. Also, reread the section about Arlaten's likes, dislikes, and preferences. I don't have it at hand, but I think I wrote a section about this topic.

In either case, you have a great set up for the knight to gain a new sponsor or a dangerous enemy.

Mike Dawson

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