lunar pottery

From: Harald Smith (617) 724-9843 (SMITHH@A1.MGH.HARVARD.EDU)
Date: Mon 05 Jun 1995 - 22:14:00 EEST

  This appeared first in Wyrms Footnotes #11 with the article on the   History of the Lunar Empire-First Wane. It was reprinted in Heroes, I   believe V1 #3 (maybe #4). The picture illustrates Jannisor's assault of   Glamour with his allies behind him on the bridge confronting the Twin   Stars. Jajagapa, as well as a woman called Holder (who carries a jar)   and Annara Gor, are beneath the bridge, waiting to capture the dead.   

  So I guess this means I made my extreme gloranthan minutia skill roll.   

  Incidentally, if you are pursuing a Lunar Book of the Dead, Jajagapa   (identified as borrowed from DH) originates as a figure in ancient   Sairdite mythology (this from work I'm currently doing with Greg on   Saird).   


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