Drawing of Glamour

From: Roderick Robertson (ROBERTSON@delphi.intel.com)
Date: Mon 05 Jun 1995 - 21:27:00 EEST

>From: David Cake <davidc@cs.uwa.oz.au>

> A question only for those with even more extreme gloranthan minutia
>skill than me (which includes quite a few on this forum).

   Oh oh, showing my minutiae here, and the fact that I'm on vacation and so sitting at home...

> I want to know where a particular illustration that I remember but
>cannot locate can be found - a picture, purportedly a reproduction of some
>Lunar pottery, featuring someone attacking Glamour, and I think Jajagapa, the
>Catcher of Souls, the dog headed Lunar psychopomp.

   Wyrms Footnotes 11, History of the Lunar Empire; First Wane

  Personages included in the picture include The Star Twins (Lunar Heros); Jannisor; Karash'arll, his Demon familiar; an Elf; The Sable Queen; a Cavalry figure, possibly representing Char-un;, a Pikeman from Dara Happa; and a barbarian. Under the bridge are Holder, whose jar can capture a soul for seven years; Jajagapa, the psychopomp adeopted from the Dara Happans; and Annara Gor, a snake-headed woman.

Roderick Robertson  

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