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Date: Tue 06 Jun 1995 - 01:32:55 EEST

Soren Petersen and Richard Crawley asked for more information about the Hrestoli and Rokari. I'm delighted to announce that issue #13 of Tales of the Reaching Moon has just been published. (Don't ask me how long distribution will take, though: I doubt the reps will know for a while yet!). Our "Go West!" Malkioni Special includes full write-ups for both these major sects (David Hall on the Holy Rokari Church, and myself on the New Hrestoli Idealists of Loskalm), which I hope will provide some food for thought. Plus loads of other goodies, all striving to present an accessible, playable view of Western culture.

David Cake wants to find the Jannisor Vase. This illustrates the First Wane Lunar History article, which was first printed in Wyrms Footnotes #11. It was also reprinted as a standalone piece in Heroes vol.1 #4 (the "Special RuneQuest Issue" with the RQ3 cover art).


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