Jajagapa and The Lunar Book of the Dead

From: David Cake (davidc@cs.uwa.edu.au)
Date: Tue 06 Jun 1995 - 08:08:28 EEST

        Thank you to everyone who replied, both on the Daily and by email. We truly have a large number of erudite Gloranthan scholars here.

        There seemed to be some interest expressed in my passing comment about the Lunar Book of the Dead. I have actually only seen this referred to in passing by Peter Michaels, in his Humakti Hearts article, where he said..

>Among the Yanafal Tarnils
>worshipers, any death is a good death so long as the person dying has
>properly prepared themselves via the Lunar Way. (The Lunar process of
>dying is officially described in "The Lunar Book of the Dead.")

        Everyone seemed to like the idea, however, and I definately like the idea. So, I hereby declare that I am collecting information from or about The Lunar Book of The Dead, probably for an eventual article for TOTRM or whatever. Please send me your suggestions, or float ideas here.

        I imagine that in addition to the instructions on proper preparation for death mentioned above, it also features funeral rites, proper ways for dealing with the dead, and perhaps more. It probably describes the Lunar idea of Hell, its structure and denizens, and proper dealings with them. It may describe pathways through Hell, as possibly taken by various of the 7 Mothers or other Lunar deities. As the pantheons death god, Yanafals probably features most prominently.

        I do have GRAY, but not TFS yet, so if that contains any notable bits, please let me know.

        I already know that the Lunars have more Hells than the four Hells of the Dara Happans - there is at least the secret Hell where Sheng Seleris is imprisoned. That gives them at least 5, maybe they should have 7?




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