My Humakti problem

From: David Cake (
Date: Tue 06 Jun 1995 - 08:36:00 EEST

        After due thought, I think what I will tell my Humakti is - if he takes the geas of double tithing more than once, as a Sword, he will be required to effectively give 90% of his income more than once. What this means in practise is that every time that he would have had to give 90% of his wealth, he also has to give something of roughly equivalent value that normally would not be considered tithable, such as a magic item or other notable valuable belonging. In addition, if he feels like going back to archaic Humakti practice, he may choose to tithe in blood (which is general HP damage = not healable by first aid or normal Healing spells).

        Note that while most cults tithe 10% of your income, Humakti tithe 10% of their wealth as at the Holy Day. This lead to the general Humakti tendency to go on a serious bender the day before, and also the custom of decorative swords. The cult will happily demand tithes of anyones jewellery or gems or other valuable non-essential property, but swords are obviously important and exempt, which system is frequently abused by encrusting your dress sword with gems that are easily pryable off when money is needed. Accordingly, my Humakti PC only needs to cough up something every now and then.




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