7 hells

From: Andrew Joelson (joelsona@cpdmfg.cig.mot.com)
Date: Tue 06 Jun 1995 - 22:48:30 EEST

> I already know that the Lunars have more Hells than the four Hells
> of the Dara Happans - there is at least the secret Hell where Sheng Seleris
> is imprisoned. That gives them at least 5, maybe they should have 7?

        IMHO the Lunars would have a Hell for Yanafals, as well as a few more for other 'death' dieties that were 'married into' the pantheon. (The powerfull cults that joined up would have separate hells, the lesser dieties would get grafted into Yanafals territory as assistants).

        Then, years/wanes after everything was settled, the 'secret' hell of Sheng Seleris was added... The Lunar Book of the Dead would _not_ have been updated, it's a secret!


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