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Date: Wed 07 Jun 1995 - 03:31:00 EEST

Leaping in on the great Peter debate,
Peter Michaels writes disparaging things about Dara Happans:

>and that they

used clitoridectomies as a way to limit and control the "unnatural temptations" of their wives (until the Lunars successfully banned this practice.)

Among the nobility, perhaps, but the peasant Lodril worshippers (the vast majority of the population) probably wouldn't think of such a thing. No doubt such an act is an affront to Lodril and his many (very) happy wives!  I think of Dara Happa as a crowded, colorful, musical and slightly hedonistic place - hardly puritanical. It's only the upper classes, obsessed with lines of patriarchal descent, who have adopted prudishness as a way to guard their geneologies and to set themselves apart from the masses.

How about Ourania nunneries for women seeking escape? Perhaps they functioned as a sort of sorority/charity houses before Teelo Nori appeared on the scene.

Well, the Seattle Risklands campaign has given way to a New Pavis/Prax multi-referee (so all of us can play) effort. So far there have been two significant themes - PC's getting slaughtered in the Rubble, and the survivors throwing whopping great funerals back in New Pavis. The last one, a triple funeral, took a week to plan and nearly drunk New Pavis dry. The survivors are true Orlanthi hill folk, and don't see much value in coin. They spend all the loot - mostly the dead pal's gear - on the funerals.
This has the Lunar authorities quite worried, as the last party involved several kegs open on the streets of Oldtown, and degenerated into a mass Orlanth worship by 100+ people. Sor-Eel is pondering the enforceability of new laws limiting the size and timing of parties.

Has anyone else had a good time role-playing funerals?

BTW- I enjoy reading about all your PC's in the Pavis area. Please keep posting descriptions of them and their activities - they give me ideas of NPC's to throw at my players. Or send info to

For a common encounter in New Pavis, have your PC's run into a bash thrown by Wilms Munson, a grizzled Orlanthi/Humakti. The PC's will be heartily welcomed if they will drink to the memory of Argalant the Sword Dancer,  Alaric the Storm Bull, or some such person. They will have to listen to tearful boasts of the dead's accomplishments, but they will get royally drunk for free! (And you can bet that Gim-Gim is noting their presence...)


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