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From: ThadRQ@aol.com
Date: Wed 07 Jun 1995 - 04:25:13 EEST

RQ TOURNAMENT AT ORIGINS 95 UPDATE! There will be an RQ tournament for 6-12 players at the Origins Convention in Philadelphia this year. It was unfortunately overlooked in the Origins Preregistration Booklet, but don't let that fact discourage your entry. (It still should be possible to register by using the event number below.)

The Lost Path (Event Number #1166)

Players may bring their own characters to play (subject to GM approval) or play a character provided by the GM. Players should be warned that this is a dangerous scenario and even Rune Levels should not expect to survive

There will be 3 sessions of play; each session will be 3.5 to 5.5 hours in length.

  1. 8:30 pm Friday- For players interested in running Illuminated, Lunar or Malkioni characters; survivors will advance to the third round.
  2. 2:30 pm Saturday- For players with characters from Orlanthi, Nomadic or other backgrounds; survivors will advance to the third round.
  3. 10:00 am Sunday- For those characters who survive the first two sessions. Players will compete to complete the adventure and become the one character who will free a power held captive before Time began. Team work is encouraged.
                     John E. Boyle
                     The Lost Path
                     A RQ Adventure           

The GM has requested that I post this advertisement to the Dailies. If you have any questions related to this RQ tournament you may contact John in writing (he is e-mail impaired), at the following address.

	John Boyle
	3563 Primrose Road
	Philadelphia, PA 19114

Hope to see you in the final round!
     Thad Gutshall

(Thanks for your patience, let the Glorantha discussion resume!)

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