Foreskin's lament

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Date: Wed 07 Jun 1995 - 06:31:56 EEST

David Cake:

> I already know that the Lunars have more Hells than the four Hells
>of the Dara Happans - there is at least the secret Hell where Sheng Seleris
>is imprisoned. That gives them at least 5, maybe they should have 7?

Plentonius recognizes more than four hells. There's mention of a fifth hell demon whom either vanyoramet or Manimat fought against. The Gloss states that these were Krjalki. I really don't think that the lunar hell that sheng seleris is imprisioned in is anything special other than being unspeakably nasty despite Orlanthi propoganda.

Peter Michaels:

>I don't believe any Hsunchen practice circumcision. I think it
>would be a "civilizing" practice, somethink someone did when
>denying their animal heritage. It probably would have to be
>practiced for several generations to successfully "distance" a
>family from that mythical history.

Given that I thought the aborigines practiced circumcision and you correct me saying the rite was subincision, I'll agree on this. Circumcised descendants would only be found among the Doraddi and the Fonritians as neither the Orlanthi or the Malkioni require circumcision.

>[Dara Happans]

I just remembered that Gorgorma Priestesses are required to have their body 'ritually scarified'. Given that male aspirants to the priesthood are required to be eunuchs (#1 on de MOB scale), I do think this involves clitoridectomies of a sort (there are different degrees - but I won't delve into this). This will make the attainment of the Gorgorma Priesthood as costly for the females as it is for the males and enhance the anti fertility nature of Gorgorma. Since the Orlanthi do not circumcize, I don't think that such a pratice occurs among the Maran Gor Priesthood and I don't think the Pamalteleans do either. This is more like a religious geas for the high and mighty and I don't think there is widespread circumcision of woman in modern day glorantha.

>I don't think the Malkioni practice any female genital
>mutilation, but I'm not sure about male circumcision. Maybe
>the different sects have different beliefs. I guess it depends
>upon what the Brithini did. Maybe they practiced circumcision
>as a way for them to differentiate themselves further from
>the animal-men. Maybe not.

The mythic basis for RW circumcision (jewish) is a covenant with God. Given that the Brithini don't recognize the Invisible God, I don't think they do practice circumcision. Furthermore, if the Brithini _do_ practice circumcision then they will have to be mighty careful about applying the regeneration spell (noted as capable of regrowing teeth in the hands of Arlaten). Under such circumstances, I don't think the Brithini practice male circumcision.

This does not exclude some westerners from doing so. IMO they would be found amongst offshoots from mainstream Malkionism (like the Sedalpists and the Ralians).

Richard Crawley:

>Last minute thought as to a real-world analogue for Loskalm -
>Bohemia at the time of the Hussite Wars?

I have thought this was the model for the Rokari expansion into Safelster. The real world parallel for the Flower of the Hrestoli Chivalry against a base enemy that knows no honour and uses knavish weapons and other unspeakable enormities would be France versus England at Agincourt and Crecy. }B-)

Sandy Petersen:

>>If the Left Hand Path does involve subincision, they would not be
>>allowed to enter Fanjosi, the City of Men.
> Subincision sounds exceedingly Pamaltelan to me. Not only
>because it enables men to attain female mysteries (no doubt
>important to some groups)

Most probably, this is how the males joins the Pamaltelean equivalents of Maran and Babeester Gor (The Doraddi names slip my mind). Undoubtedly the Fanjosi Gate Guard ('Only Real Men Need Apply') would also turn them away.

>but also because when used as I mentioned
>above, it is an effective birth control that doesn't require the
>woman using special equipment.

The problem with this method is that the wound heals after a fashion. The male would have to be subincising on a regular basis as doing it before intercourse somewhat dampens the passion of the moment.

And finally get away from the heavy stuff:

> Ability to become pregnant without using the Birthing Song
>is evidence that one of your ancestors was not human. Hsunchen, for
>instance, do not use the Doraddi song, nor do Fonritians. Of course,
>everybody knows that the Fonritians have wareran and veldang blood,
>and _they_ aren't full humans, so ...

What specific features do the Fonritans have that are tracacble to the Veldang? I'm not asking about the blue skin, but the Veldang should have some features that are unusual (like Jutting eyebrows, Huge Adam's Apple, Thinnish faces as an example of what I'm interested in).

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