DH/Lunar Hells.

From: alex@dcs.gla.ac.uk
Date: Wed 07 Jun 1995 - 13:07:09 EEST

Peter Michaels says, parenthically:
> (The Lunar process of
> dying is officially described in "The Lunar Book of the Dead.")

Or is that "The Pelorian way of Death"? ;-)

David Cake:
> I already know that the Lunars have more Hells than the four Hells
> of the Dara Happans - there is at least the secret Hell where Sheng Seleris
> is imprisoned. That gives them at least 5, maybe they should have 7?

The DHans have five hells, of course; the four well-ordered ones, and the fifth, ex miscellanea, one which is where the trolls, etc, came from. (I believe Greg and/or Sandy said they believed the Fifth Hell was probably bigger than all the rest.)

What the Lunars most likely do is to "carve out" chunks of the Fifth Hell as their own mythic stomping grounds, to the disapproval of DH traditionalists. Though there's presumably also a tie-in with the Hell of Pelandan women's mythology; y'know, the one where all these bleak, pointless "broken" quests went, for no apparent reason.


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