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John Leske asks about the tribes of Sartar.

The only decent published map of the Sartarite tribes occurs in an early TOTRM -- No 6 from memory.

Traditionally (and mythically) there are 24 tribes of Sartar. However, this number has rarely if ever been realised in actuality.

The following tribal list includes the Far Point tribes which are now part of Greater Tarsh (again!). They were only part of Sartar for two generations:

THE TRIBES OF SARTAR Amad, Aranwyth, Bachad, Balkoth, Balymr, Cinsina, Colymar, Culbrea, Dinacoli, Ducks, Dundealos, Enstalos, Kheldon, Kultain, Lismelder, Locaem, Maboder - Wulfsland, Malani, Princeros, Sambari, Sartar Royal House, Sylangi, Telmori, Torkani, Tovtaros, Tres, Vantaros, Wind Children.

(For the sake of completeness, circa 1624, you can add the nontribal
 regions of Sun County, Duke Jomes' lands, and Baron Samuel's lands.

The Maboder survive only as isolated clan remnants.

And here, in more detail, are some relevant notes concerning the Tovtaros tribe from my own stomping ground on Snakepipe's Edge. The population figures are tweaked from originals supplied by Greg (1610) and David Hall
(1621). As discussed last time population came up, these figures are far
from binding.

To line things up, display in a monotype font.

In accordance with Heortling custom, children under the age of five are not included in population figures.


Tribe         Human       Human      Clans
               1621       1610

Amad          2,000       2,300       4
Bachad        4,600       5,800       5
Dinacoli      9,000       9,100       8
Princeros    10,000       9,600       6
Tovtaros      3,900       3,700       5
Tres          3,000       4,000       4
Vantaros      9,500       8,700       8

Alda Chur     3,400       2,800
Herongreen      850        850
Alone           600        600
Ironspike       440        350
Fields of the 
Tents of Silver            500*

FAR POINT 47,750

An Orlanthi clan ranges in size between 500 and 2,000 people.

EXCERPTS FROM A HISTORY OF THE FAR PLACE The tribes of Far Point are tough and single-minded. Former Tarsh Exiles, they have regularly faced Tarshite and Lunar armies, Sartarite raiders, the Chaos out of SnakePipe Hollow, Uz from Dagori Inkarth and Tusk Riders from the Stinking Forest. More recently, political and religious intrigues have also claimed many lives.

Before 1495 the Far Point Region was a part of the Kingdom of Tarsh, which was then independent of (and often hostile to) the Lunar Empire to the north. At that time the tribes that made up the region included the Vantaros, Princeros, Tovtaros, Tres, Amad, and Bachad tribes. Both the Vantaros and Tovtaros tribes already had large groups of Yelmalio and Elmal worshippers amongst them - and consequently some infighting due to the activities of northern missionaries of the Bright Sun.

Far Point is now (1624) technically an independent Lunar ally attached to the Kingdom of Tarsh. It is no longer part of Sartar.

The ruler of Far Point is Harvar Ironfist, Duke of the Aldachuri, Lord Protector of the Light and tribal king of the Vantaros tribe. Though a brilliant general and politician, Ironfist is becoming increasingly conservative in his Solar ways. He aspires to both the cult of Yelm and the title 'Prince of the Far Place'. As his obsession grows, he has alienated both Lunar authorities and many of his Solar supporters. Ironfist has a large and deadly personal guard comprising wind-walking thanes of Gargarth, the Wild Hunter.

The dominant tribe of the Alda Chur Confederation is the Vantaros, which has grown rich and prosperous with the coming of the Empire. The tribe, whose territory includes the city of Alda Chur, is solidly pro-Lunar, with a core of traditional (and conservative) Yelmalio sun worshippers. Harvar's niece, Helena Truespear, a Scimitar of Yanafal Tarnils, is the popular young leader of the progressive pro-Lunar faction, and is a favourite of the Lunar General Fazzur Wideread.

The Vantaros' traditional allies are the Yelmalio-dominated Princeros tribe. They too have benefited greatly from the coming of the Lunars.

The wilderness Tovtaros tribe are traditional Orlanthi, though depleted in both strength and numbers since the unsuccessful Righteous Wind Revolt of 1611. The tribe also contains strong Solar and Pro-Lunar elements. Other tribes of the Confederation are the Tres, Bachad and Amad, based around Alone. Like the Tovtaros, they are traditional Orlanthi, and have suffered because of it.

The traditionally Sartarite Dinacoli tribe joined with Ironfist during Starbrow's Rebellion in 1613, and have since joined the Alda Chur Confederation. They are minor players, and do not share the Tarshite language. Nobody likes them much.


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