Red Hell

From: David Cake (
Date: Wed 07 Jun 1995 - 14:51:44 EEST

>Plentonius recognizes more than four hells. There's mention of a fifth
>hell demon whom either vanyoramet or Manimat fought against. The Gloss
>states that these were Krjalki. I really don't think that the lunar hell
>that sheng seleris is imprisioned in is anything special other than being
>unspeakably nasty despite Orlanthi propoganda.

        and Lunar propaganda - and I was interested in the Hells as they are represented in Lunar propoganda/ religious texts anyway.

        Personally, I do think that this particular Hell is a special secret - I am sure Sheng could escape from the normal parts of Hell, and I am sure a Lightbringers Quest could bring Sheng back if he was kept in the normal part of Hell (after all, bringing folks back from Hell is what an LBQ is about).

        I also think that Fazzur Wideread makes one of the biggest mistakes in Lunar history, just quietly without anyone noticing. Because when Fazzur shows this secret hell to the Orlanthi rebels, and throws Tostaring Tree-Leaper in, some of the secret is out. Then Argrath knows of its existence, and knows that that is where Sheng is kept (so Argrath makes the attempt to release him later). What is much worse, is while Argrath might have died there and the Empire saved (after all, all his companions die so Argrath must have come VERY close), he is saved because he has some help and guidance - from Tostaring Tree-Leaper, who is imprisoned there.

        But I agree that this Hell would be mentioned at best in very oblique terms in any source accessible to mere initiates and other lowlives.




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