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Steve Perrin
>Sometimes the closest variations in religious doctrines are the
most >antagonistic.

        True. But for some reason this is usually regarded by people as weird and unusual. It should not be. The religion that is the very closest to your own is the religion that competes most strongly with your own for human souls. Anyone who joins the Catholic church would probably have been a good candidate for joining the Orthodox church, but may not have made a good Holy Roller, Mormon, or Buddhist. But now that he is Catholic, he is lost to the Orthodox forever.

        Under normal circumstances, the greatest ecological threat to a deer is _not_ a wolf or cougar, but a competing species of deer.

Dara Happan clitoridectomies
Pam Carlson
>Among the nobility, perhaps, but the peasant Lodril worshippers
>probably wouldn't think of such a >thing.

        Perhaps the operation was considered high-faluting, a status seeking-sort of thing. Like foot-binding in old China -- peasant women didn't have _their_ feet bound.

>How about Ourania nunneries for women seeking escape?

        Either Ourania or Gorgorma, depending on the woman's particular personality.

Peter Metcalfe:
>Given that male aspirants to the priesthood are required to be
>eunuchs (#1 on de MOB scale)

        I don't think they have to be # 1-ers. Loss of testes is probably enough. If they want to lop off more, it's doubtless a supererogatory act of piety.

>The real world parallel for the Flower of the Hrestoli Chivalry
>against a base enemy that knows no honor and uses knavish weapons
>and other unspeakable enormities would be France versus >England at

        Other fine parallels occur, such as the noble Franks vs. the horrendous and byzantine Byzantines, the courageous and numerous Samurai of the Satsuma Rebellion vs. low-born Meiji hirelings, the elite Persian army against armed civilians at Marathan.

        The Hrestoli orders of knighthood have been training all through the long ban with nobody to fight, nobody to train, and a religion that preaches individual glory-seeking. They're going to be just like the Mamelukes, of which Napoleon said, "Two Mamelukes can overcome three Frenchmen, but 100 Frenchmen have little to fear from 100 Mamelukes, 300 French were superior to 300 Mamelukes, and 1000 French can overcome 1500 Mamelukes without fail."

>> it is an effective birth control that doesn't require the
>>woman using special equipment.
>The problem with this method is that the wound heals after a >fashion.

        There are apparently techniques that can keep it open and bloodless. This wouldn't be useful for the aborigines with their "male vulvas", but if used primarily for birth control would certainly be an option.

>What specific features do the Fonritans have that are tracacble to
>the Veldang?

        Sorry. In case it wasn't clear, the Doraddi claim that the Fonritians are all part-Veldang is pure propaganda or mythological reality at best. IMO the Doraddi the Birthing Song is a feature of their still being devoted to Pamalt.

        I dunno what the racial features of the Veldang are, beyond bluish skin in various shades from slate-blue to just plain gray. I invariably picture them as having black hair, and for some reason I see this hair as straight, not curly. Probably it varies, depending on how many of a particular Veldang's ancestors were Agimori.

        Facial features or other racial normalities? Suggestions? I picture most Veldang as being skinny, but I'm not sure that's a racial feature -- most of them are either slaves (Fonrit) or horticulturists (Zamokil), so they don't get much of a chance to grow obese. Come to think of it, they should be very handsome personally, shouldn't they? After all, the Artmali Empire was perfect. Even if our surviving Veldang are all rejects of that Empire, they're still probably better than the human norm.

>what do you suppose happens to wounded ex-Soldiers in Loskalm?

        They slave at low-paying day jobs until they can attain enough cash to pay for a regeneration spell.

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