Fronelan Model

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Wed 07 Jun 1995 - 20:21:24 EEST

Peter Metcalfe:

> The real world parallel for the Flower of the Hrestoli Chivalry against
> a base enemy that knows no honour and uses knavish weapons and other
> unspeakable enormities would be France versus England at Agincourt and
> Crecy. }B-)

It'd be Christians (inc. Byzantines) vs. the Unspeakable (and usually Unstoppable) Turk, IMHO. Think of the Fall of Constantinople, 1453 (pause while MOB weeps); the siege of Vienna, 1529; all of the to-ing and fro-ing in the Balkans. But in our Gloranthan parallel we're looking at basically a single evolving campaign of conquest, marked by battles and sieges wherein the only Loskalmi victories appear to be temporary, Pyrrhic affairs... closer to the stereotypical "evil fantasy warlord's army on the march" (cf. Elric & Conan stories passim) than any RW example.

The KoW will continue to advance and threaten Junora/Sog/Loskalm with destruction and enslavement until your PCs can find some way to stop it.

I generally use East European, Scandinavian, Balkan and Slavic models for my Fronelan decor and inspiration: the beautiful, Ludwig-the-Mad-inspired "decorative" castles of Loskalm; the cities along the beautiful blue Janube; the scheming boyars of Jonatela; the Valkyries and Vikings of the Ygglinga; the Swedish blondes and Finnish saunas of Zoria. (It keeps me happy, anyway). SCU was a cross between Unseen University, Gormenghast and Oxbridge. And Sir Meriatan looks like something off a Hitler Youth recruitment poster: the very model of shining Teutonic chivalry.


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