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Date: Wed 07 Jun 1995 - 23:01:19 EEST

John Hughes lists the tribes of Sartar as

>Amad, Aranwyth, Bachad, Balkoth, Balymr, Cinsina, Colymar,
>Culbrea, Dinacoli, Ducks, Dundealos, Enstalos, Kheldon, Kultain,
>Lismelder, Locaem, Maboder - Wulfsland, Malani, Princeros,
>Sambari, Sartar Royal House, Sylangi, Telmori, Torkani, Tovtaros,
>Tres, Vantaros, Wind Children.

You made what (according to Greg) is the most common mistake: leaving out the Pol Joni. I'd also greatly wonder that the Royal House is a tribe. Heck, if Temertain is the best that can be found, I'd greatly wonder that they're even a bloodline (as its sense as an operating kinship group).

>(For the sake of completeness, circa 1624, you can add the non-
>tribal regions of Sun County, Duke Jomes' lands, and Baron
>Samuel's lands.

That's "Sanuel." He was apparently a player character, played by Tom Holsinger.

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