RQ Con Berlin 2, Languages and Darkest Afrika

From: Havelock (Havelock@nochet.demon.co.uk)
Date: Thu 08 Jun 1995 - 12:48:20 EEST

RQ Con Berlin 2

May I thank Andreas, Ingo and Joerg for organising a great con. High points for me were playing Adam Lawrence's Dark Ages RQ game, and the freeform. Low points were listening to Nick Brooke in the bed above me muttering "I'm not drunk, I'm not drunk" at 3am, having proven conclusively that altho beer may be a basic foodstuff, too much mead is definitely alocoholic! That's not to say that Nick was a recurrent low point, I immensely enjoyed his humour, enthusiasm and lapses into calm sense.

The freeform, well described by Nick and Joerg, was wonderful. As Lunars we spent so much time backbiting that I am amazed the Lunar didn't take over the town whilst we bickered. As military governor I was blessed with almost no troops at all, so Jonstadt (Jonstown) was basically a seething mass of Sartarite rebels, sages plotting, Lunar priests plotting and defrauding and a Vampyre that eventually killed me! Still a big thank you must go the Char-UN! Daniel Fahey played a keen but essentially useless Char-UN! who ensured that no prisoner I arrested was ever held for longer than 5 minutes!

The languages were excellent, with Sartarite rebels and indeed even the town herald, openly plotting before our dumb ears. I also would love to see an even more multi-lingual game, where differing Gloranthan factions are played by French, Italians, Germans, English etc.. It is the first role-playing game ever where the true effect of language has worked.

In all a good con, Joerg shouldn't worry, I noticed no great failures in organisation, and I am sure next year will be even greater!


Into The Dark Continent

"It was over a warm fire that I heard the curious tale of the Zanzibar Jesuits. The evil Bavarian Count, attired in his devilish pygmy-jesuit frock, was gloating evilly as he roasted my buttocks on a spit. To help me keep my upper lip stiff I shut my eyes, thought of the ivory white skin of Jessica Fawcett Brown, and drifted through a drug induced dream. Damn the vile pygmy beer..."

The above is one of the great discoveries I made at RQ Con Berlin. From the recently discovered memoirs of my great and eponymous grandfather we discover his terrible trials and tribulations in Darkest Africa. It was only when playing the storytelling game "Into the Dark Continent" with the fiendish Nick Brooke, upright David Hall and decent Kevin Jacklin that the story fully emerged.

Damned fine games, these story telling cards. Now, who has some Gloranthan ones?

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