How can I contact Greg?

From: Andre de Oliveira Fernandes (
Date: Thu 08 Jun 1995 - 17:11:34 EEST

Bryan sez:

>From the strictly legal, can it be commercially published, standpoint, Greg
Stafford "owns" Glorantha as a copyrightable work.

>From a broader, more metaphoric standpoint, everybody who has ever added
something to Glorantha owns it, to the level that he or she has added to Glorantha.

        Allright, so how can I find him? Maybe Sandy Petersen knows his e-mail (or snail mail) address.

        The reason is that there are serious plans around here about developing a GREAT computer game (it's on the early stages, but there's an excellent staff working on it), and there's an interest on making it Gloranthan.

        I'd like to meet Greg to negotiate it. I'm sotty about using the net for commercial purposes, but there seemed to be no other way.

        Anyway, I think everybody here would enjoy to fight against trolls, broos and *very* different humans on your screens, instead of kobolds and beholders, right?

                See ya!

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